Saturday, 15 March 2014

#10 Things That Most People Get Annoys Easily


I guess most people have done this before and honestly hate the feeling to the max..


 Obviously another problem for girls. Imagine yourself having that 
perfectly long straight hair on you and every day is a good hair day!


Well yes, this one. It's like no matter how long or how much you sleep,
you felt tired and exhausted. You just wanted more and more sleeps.

#4 "WHY AM I SO FAT?"  

The trending one. Most people face this problem and finds it annoying.
"I gained 2kg again! Dammit!" 
"Why on earth am I so fat?!"
"Man these are so fat, I shouldn't have ate these!"
"How the heck can your legs be so skinny?" 
"Lord you're so bony! Look at me, so much difference!"
An effing skinny girl said, "I'm on diet! I ate a lot recently.."
Well, well. If you're one of those who said these before, try changing your mind.
I ain't asking you to stop eating or eat too much. Be fair, eat regularly.
Food is joy! Our happiness! Just eat eat eat and eat, because you can. #YOLO 


I swear everyone had been over-stressed about something before.
There're plenty of ways for you to de-stress, try it and if it might helps.
1. Listen to soothing and softening classic music, it relaxes your mind.
2.  Go ahead for outdoor activities; sweats out, stress out.
3. Pamper yourself to go shopping or window shopping.
4. Get insufficient of sleep; It put you in a good mood.


"my godness! that body!", "omg, you're so sexy!"
 Work out for abs to own a perfectly-shaped body! :) 
Stop jealousing over the other's, starts taking action to help yourself!


Those sudden memories that hurts so much you feel like 
someone pointing a knife and poking it directly into your heart. 
Especially those precious memories you had, spending them with someone who 
gave you so much to remember, but they just left without a goodbye. </3


Dealing with school random shits that definitely put you in a bad mood. sucks much.
"Why don't Adele SET FIRE TO OUR SCHOOL instead of SET FIRE TO THE RAIN?" 

#9 HIM

Having that one person who's always in your mind.
No name was mentioned, but there you go, the 'he' was said 
and you were totally having someone else popped up in your head.
Yes. That's right. That 'HE'. it's him.


You were looking for your Mr.Right in 5ever and hadn't got one still, 
you never thought that it would happened to be your guy best friend. Yes, 
that's just how amazing things can happen unexpectedly. At the unexpected time.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

March //


Time have been passing way too fast that I could hardly catch up. For once, today; I stop, and realized I was already at the age of 15. It seemed like I've grew from a 3-year-old kid to a fifteen-year-old teen in a blink of an eye. It seemed like I'm been doing nothing for the past few years. But no. This year's gonna be a totally different year from others. Because why? -> 2014; the year of being a busy bee. Too much of works to do until I hadn't got time to catch my breath. I'm barely breathing. barely could. Waking up every morning and was blessed by God that I was still alive. Thank God I am. still. We all have been so busy kept doing things that was asked to do that we hadn't even try to gave ourselves a chance to stop and think why should we do. I could hardly blog no more. remember? busy. Right, lets make a change! :) Make the rest of our 2014 be colourful! Fulfill and cherish them with our heart. Happy kid wannabe. Happy March! All the best! x


Friday, 17 January 2014

Shopping day!

Basically all I did was some CNY shopping with my family over the public holiday at Tropicana City Mall. Well guess what I'm just gonna start off with, a belated celebration of my grandmother's birthday. Here she grew one year older again :( To be honest we actually bought her a good looking birthday cake and gave her a small surprise the day before, which is on her officially birth day. I can tell it that she love the way how we all remembered her birthday just by observing although that was pretty weird. 

    Yeah right, we all shopped together for like a very first time. First of all we went for lunch at Sushi Tei since my grandmother love eating them too. Alright you know what Sushi King is still the best of all. but never mind its always okay to have a first try. 


After a success of stopping my stomach to play drum, it's then time to supply my wardrobe some new dresses. The mall was crowded like really! There's sales everywhere the fact that it's Chinese New Year which is absolutely perfect for a shopping journey. We did alot of window shopping because if we don't do so, we can't get home until tomorrow. 

I'm glad I found a shop that have sales, on the other hand there's shirts that suits me! Coincidence? maybe. My eyes goes wild and crazy and pain, it's too much to see like ohmygod can i just steal everything in the shop and bring them home? I walk, I see, I pick. But sadly everything I picked mom doesn't let me to buy them :( Fine! I'll just capture them and save it in my phone! :/ 

All right. Fitting room selfies!
I know I have cool yellow socks :P Those shorts and that
pink long sleeves were so comfy! so sad I couldn't buy them :(

SALES Offer : 2 for RM29.90


We then went Chatime and bought Aloevera drink and a regular cup size of green tea + red beans ice-cream. Taste good! Day surely well spent! That's all for today, bye! 




Saturday, 11 January 2014

05 Jan 14 :)

Well yeah, it supposed to be last Sunday's post. I've been just so busy lately. Homework and assignments coming in non-stop, like wow it was still my first time having such many school works to complete! Well anyway those aren't the main point, let's don't talk around the bushes and straight to the point! :)  

Last Sunday, 05 Jan 2014. 
Paradigm Mall --- 
Actually went there was to meet up with two of my teammates to have some discussions on our school projects at Starbucks. And we did. But then since I'm going there, parents decided to have a shop afterwards when I'm all done with my business. And of course my sister did followed them. Well and I did ordered a drink for myself. yay or nay?    

 Those words on it really do made my day! :')

Alright then we went for movie at GSC when I'm all settled with school stuffs. The Hobbit ! It was nice. But didn't turns out great as I expected, because there's still a To Be Continue D: Wow like seriously this movie took a damn 2 hours plus to finish, and it's not even the end of the story yet. Really? Okay I wasn't prepared for this movie to be honest because dad actually booked this last minutes and we got the front seats which is really unlucky. Not really front but still counted as. My neck hurts so much after movie when I got out of the cinema. Ouch ! We then went for some desserts, it's better not to have your stomach full when it's almost a dinner time. So desserts helps! Oh yeah > Tong Pak Fu < again haha! 

  Gave this a try, it does taste good ! :)
- Yellow Pudding -

damn! it's ice-cream!  
p/s : its my sis's hand.

Yes. It's then the shopping time! My legs does hurt pretty much but who cares if you got something you want? :D I went to almost all of the shops like Cotton On, Vincci, and much more, but there weren't really any choices or shirts that suits me :/ So we left. Until I passed by a shop and the words S.A.L.E.S caught my eyes, so I went in and gave a try. And I did some try on in the fitting room, turns out perfect heh. There's this one dark blue skinny jeans I wanted to buy but there's no my size! Oh no, why :( It does looks nice but its too long and too loose for me sigh. So all I can do is pick the others. Well, let the pictures do the talk!

Grey top 50%
Brown skinny jeans 50%

Brown-grey shorts 50%

Sorry I've forgotten how much they costs. Couldn't recall back what the original prices suppose to be before discount, but it's really reasonable after discount! I also don't know why all the items I've bought its like dark in colour, and I've got no choice because those I wanted is either doesn't suits me or no size. It's with a total of rm130+ after all the discounts I guess. Didn't manage to try the grey top because out of time and mom says it's okay even though it's big. Ohh. It's like need to wear an extra shirt inside cuz that top can only cover half of the upper body. I love that top hehe. It owns a comfortable material, cotton. 
Guess that's it. Bye guys and thanks for reading!





Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Page 1 of 365.

Hey guys! Happy New Year! :D Well this day sure was fast, because 2013 its like just yesterday. Seriously I felt like I hadn't do anything last year, I've been wasting my time for all kind of bullshits. I swear I'll make 2014 better than 2013 was. Page 1 of 365, god bless us. It's okay. What past its past. Dear God, may all the bad things stay in 2013 and let the good ones happen in the rest of my life. Sincerely, the kid who fights for happiness. x 

Just hope for the best. 2014, welcome to my life. 

It's a whole new beginning. 1st January, 2014. 
Because you can't just sit there and do nothing when you know you want your 2014 to be awesome. You gotta fight for it and let it be. Let's work hard together! :) Well then, time for my stuffs. I had my haircut and did facial at Puchong (Natucos) yesterday. At first I was mad that my parents keep convince me to cut my hair, but at the end I did cut. Maybe I should say, 60% been forced to cut? Oh wells. Cuz it's like you know for every females who grow long hairs - hair is every girls' second life, you cut her hair you ruined her life. I don't know if you have the same thoughts as me but at least in my opinion, most of the female feels this. And of course it only happen when you strongly disagree to cut your hair since you've been growing them so hard and waited so long for them to become longer and longer. Well, I really miss my long hair and my just nice length ponytail :( And my hair appeared to be in layer type now after haircut. 

- before haircut -
Say goodbye to my long hair, gonna miss you so much ! :'(

But hey! I'm officially chilled now hehe no worries. Just there's some disappointment in me bout my hair. It's 2014, and I gotta accept the fact. That's all I can do at the moment. Anyway, think at the positive ways! New year new look. So why not? :) 

Me after haircut. Just a random one. No filters. x 

The fact that school reopen tomorrow it's officially killing me inside. Why exactly would a school starts on a Thursday? Seriously, doesn't it sounds so funny and stupid? Yeah, and I grew older again. 15. Oh well. I've prepared all the stuffs that needed, - new school shoe, new stationary, new school uniforms. And I'll do a last checkup before I go to bed tonight just to make sure I have everything I need for tomorrow. But there's one more thing, me. I'm all that matters. The New Me. Am I ready for school yet? Not at all. Am I ready to face the challenges? No. Am I ready to fight with others? No. Am I ready for PBSMR? Hell yeah, no! But I know it's time for the New Me. I'll make myself A Better Me. Better than 2013 was. Make the impossibles, possible! Yes I will. So, you too? 

Last but not least, wishing every one of you have a nice 2014 ahead! Happy 2014! :)



Monday, 30 December 2013

Productive Day ! ✌

What a busy but productive day! And I finally managed to have my own sweet time spending with myself doing my thing after a tough day. Phewww. I'm all sitting down here and blogging about what comes up my mind about today's. Alright here we go! (: 

Woke up at 8.30 am this morning. WAIT. Not exactly called a woke up, I'm actually been awaken by my mother and I was so frustrated and wanted to kill everybody when I got up. Ya' know like those feelings you had some mornings without knowing why and you're just so mad? Okay I was really tired but oh wells. Right then I went to school for form3's books. And guess what, when I reached the school's front gate and there were so many new faces who have school uniforms on them. It was pretty weird at first, but then I realized it was Orientation Day oh lol. Mom sent me to school this early because she thought it's gonna be long queue but it turns out no. She was wrong.  

Used up RM45.80.
Oh shit I have a feeling that 2014's gonna be real busy! 

Then we went Mid Valley. Basically it's just some random shopping that normal females did when they appeared to be in some shopping malls. It was really crowded! Bought some new clothes for sister. yeah yeah not for me and that was pretty sad. And you know what, I spotted so many good looking boys! And there's this one boy he's so cute omg! :3 I didn't spot him at first but he did. And all we did was looking at each other awkwardly and turn back to other directions. Well haha then I caught him looking at me for like two times and I was laughing and giggling so hard that I almost blush. Anyway he went to the other path afterwards following his parents. I smells disappointments in me! :( Never mind. But to be honest it was actually sorta weird to crushing on some stranger that you don't even know if you guys will have the second chance to meet again, not to mention the first hi. It's okay. Moving on is the option. Bye cute boy I'll miss you! </3 

After 3 hours of shopping we went for some light lunch. Had McDonald's and Tong Pak Fu. Tong Pak Fu is like some desserts and it's at Mid Valley's 3rd floor. For those who haven't been here before, go ahead and have your first try, it's nice! :) 

And here goes what we've ordered.
You know nowadays when a teenager have smartphone on hand,
all they did was waiting for their dishes and picture them then share it online 
just like what I'm doing now. #NoOffense ;)  

It was actually the front cover of the Menu hahaha

This is awesome! It's mango flavour!  
They'll automatically melt in your mouth when you eat it. Cooool :D !

This is nice too :D #Recommended

It's freaking full after all those and we then continue our shopping. Ehmergawd! :3 
Sad case of all, I wore a non-suitable shoes for shopping. And that suck much. My foots hurts so much and I'm crying in pain and walking as if like both of my legs were broken. Ouch ! I regret wearing this shoe soooooo much and I swear I won't wear it again for shopping. Sigh. Owhkay. Afterwards mom brought me to Dr.Lim to have a dental checkout. I had my teeth polished. It's clean now yay! Tell you what I was so scared as first but it's not pain at all. It depends on the doctors. Every doctors have their own skills and technique. Their ways were different. Okay haha. We then have our dinner at grandmother's. Homecook dishes were always the best! Oh gosh my grandmother have her best cook they tasted so good! She's my best chef! ;) 

It was tiring and killing to shop sometimes. And when I got home it's pretty late and now it's 1.00am in the midnight yet I'm still blogging oh who cares. Anyway, a day well spent!  

My outfit of the day. It's simple but comfortable one!

And a random one. My hair did grew longer (?) 

Alright I'm done sharing. Guess I'll stop till here? Hope you did enjoy reading hehe. Its late now and I gotta sleep, so goodbye and goodnights! :) The happy girl reunite!