Sunday, 7 June 2015


6th June, 2015, 6pm
Mega Star Arena, Kuchai Lama 
The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt.1

At this very moment just the day before, I was having my once in a lifetime experience aka THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! It's still unbelievable that I was there, at the concert. The moment the light flashed on Bangtan & they appeared on stage, I swear that second was the moment I've been longing for so long. The concert was incredible, the performances were all so great. Of how energetic and powerful these boys were even though it's already crazy enough that their break time were so short. They never stop singing & dancing. Of how comfortable they were acting onstage and killed all the ARMYs with their body waves. Getting to see them performing in real life and seeing them only inches away from me WE WERE SO FUCKING CLOSE I CAN CRY. I MADE EYE CONTACT AND WAVED AT JEON JUNGKOOK!! The crowd, the cheers, the sing-along, the fanchanting, the do-your-aegyo moment, I've missed everything. I missed how loud the ARMYs were for a moment I thought I was daft. I'm genuinely glad for everything. Thank you for existing, thank you for having a tour in Malaysia, thank you for making my first ever concert a memorable one, thank you so so so so much. It's sad how this very short-seemly two hours came to an end, it's depressing that everything ended so fast. I missed these 7 idiots so much.

Love you for a really long time,

 Thank you so much BTS! 사랑해! 

 2 months before the concert

4am selfies after concert (i hv no shame)


"We dance until our bodies broke down, we sing until our throats tore down."


Sunday, 31 May 2015

Crystal's 16th!

/ 30th May, 2015. 

A day out with Sofea, Jan er and of course the main girl Crystal at Paradigm! We head to the cinema straight after we meet up. I wanted to watch Pitch Perfect 2 so badly but San Andreas was not bad too. We had our lunch at Fish & Co and did some shopping afterwards (bc shopaholic aka me am in desperate need to feed the wardrobe with nice clothes). 

:: Pictures of course! 

credits to the random stranger for taking this for us



Sofea and Jan er

when you're not even ready for a picture / +FISH&CO 

crystal's photography skills / ghosts flying behind us, oh cool

Sofea and birthday girl



Sofea: "hurry up and fake laugh! candid!"




This pretty much sums up everything, a great day indeed with great companion. We actually took hell lots of pictures but like if I were to attach them all here HAHA this post's never going to have an end. What a productive way to kick start my holiday, all thanks to them! Happy 2-week-off-school holidays! 

- joanna

Sunday, 12 April 2015

I Don't Belong

Ever feel that sense of pain where you're being left out completely? It really hurts to feel this way. It's like no matter how hard you tried, you just can't seem to fit in. Walking behind your group of close friends whom you no longer feel yourself are qualified enough to be one of them, whom you'll never be a part of, whom you can't get into their daily random conversations, whom you for ever couldn't catch up with, whom you thought you finally have someone who will be there for you in the first place but honestly, it's the expected ending. The outsider I am. The false hopes I have had. All of these that kills. 
Brace yourself. Wake up from reality. Who are the true ones? That genuinely care? 

Sitting and awaiting for these tough days to pass by, hoping everything will get better in a matter of seconds, Except its not. Everything is not working out. She was hoping someone could notice her and say 'hey lets talk, dont be all alone.' 

I really don't belong, do I? 

- joanna

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Krabi, Thailand

Have been so busy ever since school started. Just by looking at the piles of unfinished homework and packed tuition schedule after school already made me 1/2 dying. So glad a trip to Krabi rescued me! Finally having some leisure time to breathe in some fresh air..

Here's the thing: 3/4 of the people on the streets are angmo/s. shirtless and in bikinis. yup, totally normal. though, you could hardly find any locals. 

It's ironic and ridiculous of me to have bad impressions of Thailand before getting to experience their culture myself. They have magnificent islands and incredible views! The fact that it's my first time ever trying out the speed boat, is also what makes me counting it as a memorable one. Swimming in the sea probably hasn't been as cool I thought it'd be bc I wouldn't stop getting salty seawater into my mouth and there're rocks everywhere.

Deevana Plaza, Krabi Aonang

angmo walking 

so chilling it out

didn't do the snorkeling bc the sun was so dayum hot and I got enough of sunburn

Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands
tourist spot, angmo everywhere

/ Strolling on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze caress your skin as you stroll /







already missing the beach waves :(

- Joanna

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