Saturday, 26 December 2015

Just Like Good Ol' Times

Here's a late update of my very well spent & productive morning on the Christmas Eve with the old buddy, zarith. Definitely a great catch up session of girls talk, a little bit of ranting, life updates, and tales after so so long! 

We baked sponge cake and attempted to bake cookie dough as well but there weren't any vanilla nor chocolate chips so I guess that's a no. Next time, surely.  

it was very easy to bake this & after 45 mins of awaiting,
it's all right served to that mouth we both have


very much the bare face

We had this 'How Well Do We Know Each Other' challenge in the meantime. We prepared 10 questions for each other beforehand & whoever did not answer them correctly, the penalty will be given. 
Penalty: melted chocolate is ready to hit the face! 
(didn't get to buy whip creams, so we melted the chocolate bar and there it goes) 

I swear to God my face looked like a total disaster because I suck at this game. Don't even know why I agreed to this in the first place but it was very worth the experience & we had fun in the progress of smashing each other's faces with chocolate. 

exactly the chocolate that we used

here's me after wiping my face full of chocolate, those are the leftover

Some asshole are too bothered by needing to wash & clean her face again so I'm the only one who she DIY face painted my face after the chocolate attack.  




I'm actually quite surprised but genuinely glad how everything remained the same between us despite us weren't classmates exactly like a year ago. I'm very sure it came to realization that we both had drifted apart ever since then & I expected some awkward silences but no, it was all just like the good old times, back to how we used to be, & that felt so goooood I have no words. 

to more days like this x

super loving this MADE IN KOREA lotion that she gave me, thanks butt love ya.


- Joanna 

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Baking & Out

Saturday the 19th, of making an attempt on baking some butter-tasted with vanilla frosting cupcakes over at crystal's. It was unplanned. We basically just went with the flow, adding whatever ingredients that we have & they turned out tasting finer than I was expecting.  

close up shot

excuse my chinese eyes e.o

one utama after the baking session /

free cotton candy surely made the day a whole lot more better!

- Joanna 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Random Act Of Kindness

On the 12th of November, my friends and I decided to pay a visit to the orphanage. Mainly to gain new experiences in conjunction with tasked project for moral education. It was nice to see the smiles on their faces as we gave out some baked cookies of Christmas theme to each and every of them. We spent time with the kids, reading stories and played with them after the warm welcoming. For me, there were a lot of heart-wrenching moments. I started to appreciate things more, of what I've already had and told myself to always keep in mind not to long for unnecessary things. In a nutshell, it was a rather productive and worthwhile day I've had in quite some time. 


giving out cookies :))

cher // liyen 









and this marked the end of yet another memorable day x

- Joanna

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