Thursday, 11 December 2014

"Working" - Jungkook

At my house
I was always all alone
Dad went to work
Whenever I asked him where he was going
It was always “Working”
Choco Pie and a glass of milk
On my desk in the morning
My dad, who left for work at dawn
I remember my young self
Waiting for my pocket [money]
Mom, dad, hyung
I’m the youngest, the cutie
I remember myself in those days
I remember
Let’s be happy
Let’s be happy
Let’s not be hurt, let’s not be hurt
Let’s be happy, let’s be happy
Let’s not be hurt, yeah, yeah
I earn [the] money, all the money
I used to say “Mom, just 100 won”
But now my mom, dad, and even my dog
Look to me
I get a call, it’s my mom
Ringringring “Son, are you doing well?”
To the question of where I am
I answer, “Working” ha…
Mom, let’s be happy
Let’s not be hurt, not be hurt
Let’s be happy, let’s be happy
Let’s not be hurt yeah, yeah
Back then, when I was young
I didn’t know anything
That feeling of just watching
Whenever I asked my dad
Where he was, where he was going
He always said working, working
Now I’m there, in that spot
Let’s be happy
Let’s be happy
Let’s not be hurt, let’s not be hurt
Let’s be happy, let’s be happy
Let’s not be hurt, yeah, yeah

feel the pain & loneliness. I swore it's my first time crying so hard over a song.

beautiful masterpiece x 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Shanghai, China

This will be a post about my 8 days trip to Shanghai, China with my family. It's a tour group thing which consist of 4 other families excluding us. (All the dads are friends with my dad) So, I touchdown on the 26th Nov in the evening and basically just returned to Malaysia yesterday night. I unexpectedly survived through the stormy weather (cold season) and I'm actually quite glad I didn't fall sick during the trip since both my sister and mother did. Frankly speaking, the food in Malaysia is way better than those I've tasted in China. ((oops)) Different places, different culture I guess? heh. And um I wouldn't want to beat around the bush anymore, I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talk :)

don't you just wish you could jump onto those fluffy clouds?

- before boarding on the plane -


((oops! you might have to turn your head slightly for a better look at it))



  yup, rent those and cycled around the magnificent lake!

my face is overexposed, the sun's fault!

why on earth did I smile like that lol wtv

 ain't this view just incredibly beautiful?

idek why is this picture so dark well who cares

spot the person in the cable car behind mine, a guy in dark-blue-white-boxes windbreaker, I.. like him? 

10 y/o Eng well-spoken girl (left) - my sis (middle) - and me (right)



 its just funny my dad learn to do selfie now hmm 

 it was windy on the ship, im so freakin cold, dad desperately wants a selfie with me but.. he wasn't even looking at the right place sigh.

dem perfect lighting and natural effect

 too in love with this place you won't even believe it's a bakery shop.

 don't be dumb, it's a fake bookshelf! :P

If I were to upload all the pictures I had in my album it will take forever, so I shall just stop here before getting you bore. One word to sum everything up: unforgettable. The End!  

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Voice Of Addiction


There are times at night where you feel the sense of depression hitting hard against you, feeling sad without knowing why, memories that hurt flowing by. The more you tried to forget 'em, the harder they won't go away. It seemed like they've been a part of you for so long and you have no power to win 'em over...

Well, it's nice to finally meet you.
I've been waiting for your call.
I've noticed you've been crying,
And I've watched you pace the halls.

Whatever has been hurting you,
I can make it disappear.
You know you have nothing to lose,
Nothing to live for, nothing to fear.

Thank you, for your invention.
I'll be sure to not leave your side.
We'll become very fast acquainted. 
My naive child, there's no use trying to hide.

I should probably introduce myself,
I am your very own addiction.
But you can not be angry with me,
I am your own self-conviction.

I bet you feel rather stupid,
Falling right into my lap.
I'm a master at manipulation.
You'll never escape my trap.

How does it feel to dance with the Devil?
For he and I are one in the same.
God, has completely abandoned you,
So you might as well stay in the game.

I guess you think you're special,
But your sobriety has only lasted a year.
I'm still around every corner,
In the back of your mind,
I'm your greatest fear.

I'll always be your dirty little secret,
I won't disappear over time.
Twenty years from now you may falter,
And I'll be the first thing that comes to mind.

A vicious cycle, that's what your thinking.
But I'm only speaking the truth.
I'm Satin's weapon of mass destruction.
The silent killer of America's youth.

I'm a genius when you think of it.
Everyone's looking for some Armageddon war,
But what the fools don't realize,
Is everyday Armageddon walks through their front door. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Review on ll The Fault In Our Stars ll


      Haven't really got a chance to watch this movie until now although it was out three months ago. I've read the book but I insist on watching the full movie version and it turned out not disappointed. I don't usually blog or crave hard about some movie because I'd totally forget about it and get over it moments later. But regarding to this one? I know its a must for me. It was indeed amazing of one sick love story for all I can say. Both of them played their role well, from the beginning till the end of it. I really love both of them even their names sounded great; Augustus Waters // Hazel Grace Lancaster. I cried, I couldn't hold my tears although I tried to. I don't get some people who after watching this and told me they didn't cry or it was boring like dude at least a little bit eyes waterly maybe? I loved the parts when they were together and had flirting conversations face to face or through phone, they are so cute! :') I somehow find Gus's best friend, Issac, sort of handsome with his black sunglasses on. ((Chuckles)) Alright, not gonna brag much about it, you just really have to watch it if you haven't. It's unregretable, trust me! 

Here are some of the quotes/scenes from the movie I found it meaningful & liked 'em; 

"I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend." - Augustus Waters
"That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt." - Augustus Waters
"Maybe Okay will be our always. Okay? Okay." - Augustus & Hazel 
"I'd rather not have the robot eyes and let my eyes go blind. Because I do not want to see a world without Augustus Waters." - Issac
"You gave me a forever within the numbered days." - Hazel Grace
"There are infinities numbers between zero and one, there are one point two, one point one two and so on.. I'd love to be with you as long as the infinities numbers, Gus, my love." - Hazel Grace  
"It's our little infinity." - Hazel Grace
"It would be my privilege to have my heart broken by you." - Augustus Waters
"It's just a metaphor. You don't let the thing that will harm your life, kill you." - Augustus Waters 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

20 Facts About Me ll


1. I'm 41kg and 5'3 (short yes i know)
2. I have 3 shades of different skin colour.
3. I read a lot, not textbook but storybooks.
4. I write, bc future author wanna-be (yup i write stories)
5. I eat a lot. At least 5 meals per day. 
6. Love shopping and having weird combinations outfits.
7. Used to be socially awkward but now? Absolutely opposited. 
8. I either talk too much until it annoys you or be quiet the whole day.
9. Get emotionally depressed and mood swings too often.
10. I'm the whatever idgaf kind of girl.
11. Love being part of the Interact Club. 
12. Dislike maths bc mostly daydreaming in class.
13. Arts are never my thing.
14. Swimming and badminton are the only sports I do. 
15. Listen to music everyday bc im born with it getting in my nerves.
16. Never smile properly when taking group pictures.  
17. I'm a slow learner besides Internet fields. 
18. New Zealand is my fav country.
19. Connor Franta is my fav youtuber. 
20. Austin Mahone never fail to get a happy me back bc mahomie 5eva x

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Stop missing everything..


"Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by 
our tears once in a while, so that we can 
see life with clearer view again."
- Alex Tan

why only start to miss when things have changed? why only miss when nothing will 
ever be the same anymore? why only miss when you've gone? why only 
miss when time couldn't reverse back to those precious moments? why only miss 
when there's nothing left but a broken heart? 
why am i starting to miss everything now?..
Memories often tears people apart.. the more you wanted to forget about it,
the more it came to you, the more you remembered.. the more you hurt.
because memories never die.

i wish i could unmeet you.